Successful End to Apprenticeship with Top Marks

We believe in providing sound, viable apprenticeships and place great emphasis on building a future with our own young talent. Jessica Ringlstetter (right) with Andrea Zehentbauer, the person responsible for her during her apprenticeship, always at her side to offer her advice.

"It is a day of celebration", this was reiterated by all the speakers at the award ceremony for the 232 graduating students at the vocational school for business and health courses in Landshut. The students have been through an intense time here and this ceremony is the final step to ending their studies.  In this time it is not only the students' appearance which has changed. "They have become their own person", stated the school's principal, Elisabeth Wittmann. These are people who will be able to actively contribute to a company's success.  Ms Wittmann called on the young adults to go through life with courage, confidence and joy.  


The unique mixture of vocational school and on-the-job training is something we can be very proud of, stressed the Mayor, Alexander Putz and Karl Zollner, deputy head of the chamber of commerce and industry. But not only that, the fact that the region's economy is doing so well is also an aspect we can be proud of, says City Councilor, Fritz Wittmann: "The economy is booming and Landshut is one of the most attractive areas for business in Bavaria."  This is the result of hard work and also of excellent training and the skills the people have to offer.  


After the speeches, the 17 best students with a top grade of 1.0 were presented with an award.  At a reception in the foyer of the town hall in Landshut, the students had the opportunity with their teachers, parents and in-company instructors to look back on their time at the School.