Internationalization  your business is a task that presents unique and complex challenges to a company. In the past, the DELTA Gruppe has successfully completed more than 100 projects in over 20 countries. Thanks to this extensive international experience, we are able to provide comprehensive support to our customers who intend grow their business internationally.

We offer the following internationalization services:

  • Assistance in locating suitable premises
  • Catalog of site assessment criteria
  • Specification sheet for the development of requirement profiles
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Assistance when negotiating with the responsible authorities
  • Development of a land use concept as part of a master plan
  • Estate development optimization
  • Estimation of the expected project cost
  • Assessment of the project implementation time (overall schedule)

Our outstanding features include:

  • Long-standing experience with international projects (North and Central America, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia)
  • Worldwide network of experts
  • Technical knowledge of country-specific regulations and specifications

References from service Internationalization

Construction of a New Building for Injection Molding and a Logistics Hall, Duncan, USA

Construction of a new building for injection molding and a logistics hall in Duncan

Project content: Injection molding hall, logistics hall, office building, equipment rooms, outdoor facilities

Expansion of Production Site, Masaya, Nicaragua

Expansion of Masaya production site

Project content: Logistics hall, equipment rooms, outdoor facilities