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The first prerequisite for a smooth project flow is a professional and extensive planning process. Our experts from various disciplines are available as architectural and engineering consultants. High service quality and excellent support are top priority for us and we attach great importance to transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


Prerequisites for the successful realization of a construction project are thorough planning and a well-thought approach by experienced architects and structural engineers who are also responsible for the coordination of all specialist planners.

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Supply Technology

With the increasing technicality in buildings and the energy efficiency requirements, supply technology has dramatically gained in importance over the last years.Experienced engineers and technicians face the most complex requirements to provide economic and energy-preserving solutions for construction projects.

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Overall Planning

By assuming overall responsibility, DELTA Gruppe sets up a lean planning structure and tightly coordinates the deadlines.

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Construction Project Management

The DELTA Gruppe supports you with the execution of all types of planning and construction processes, particularly focused on the individual customer requirements.

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Electrical Engineering

In modern buildings, the significance of working electrical installations are growing constantly. With ever-increasing requirements, the planners have to face higher and higher challenges in terms of energy optimization, network systems, IT (data processing technology), emergency power supply, safety systems, and many more. To help you with this, we offer sustainable, multidisciplinary planning services.

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Fire Protection

Tailor-made solutions help you implement preventive fire protection according to the applicable statutory regulations.

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