The prerequisites for a successful construction project are thorough planning and a well-thought out approach by experienced architects and structural engineers. The DELTA Gruppe is proud of our vast expertise in creating functionality, design skills, engineering, and cost effective planning even the most diverse types of buildings and projects. We are also specialized in the refurbishment and revitalization of buildings and offer end-to-end planning services; from establishing the basic operating conditions, over designing and creation of the scope of work, up to site supervision.

Our architects provide assistance for:

  • Creation of a functional and visually appealing concepts
  • Creation of all construction plans subject to approval and all building application documents
  • Preparation of detailed implementation plans
  • Creation of bid package documents
  • Assistance finding appropriate contractors
  • Verification of correct construction work within the scope of site supervision
  • Acceptance and accounting control within the framework of site supervision
  • Enforcement of possible warranty claims within the scope of site support

Our outstanding features include:

  • Visually appealing solutions
  • Cost-effective operation thanks to a pragmatic mindset
  • Project implementation that meets deadline and cost targets
  • Great base of experience through long-term practice
  • Highly qualified employees working in a positive working environment
  • Integral planning including multidisciplinary cooperation
  • Construction methods based on sustainability and resource preservation

References from service Architecture

Multi-Purpose Building in Markt Ergolding

New-build multi-purpose building

Project content: New-build multi-purpose building with library, children’s after school care and adult education center

General Refurbishment of the Maximilian-von-Montgelas-Gymnasium (secondary school) Vilsbiburg

Construction phase 1.1 of the general refurbishment

Project content: Refurbishment during regular school term time