Overall Planning

By assuming the overall planning responsibilities, the DELTA Gruppe can set up a lean planning structure and tightly coordinate the deadlines and overall activities. 

Once the overall planning has been handed over to the DELTA Gruppe, there is no need for the customer to be involved with the various technical disciplines in a complex project.  As the nexus between the project and the customer's demands, we are able to be flexible and respond quickly to changing conditions and circumstances, which is a great advantage for highly time-critical projects as well as projects of any size and complexity.

Overall planning covers many areas such as:

  • Architecture
  • Electrical engineering
  • Supply technology
  • Project management
  • Fire protection
  • Structural design
  • Exterior works

Our outstanding features include:

  • Consistent quality management
  • Short communication lines and fast coordination schemes ensure successful planning.
  • Our overall planning services are based on the hands-on knowledge of our in-house specialists in all crafts.

References from service Overall Planning

General Refurbishment of the Maximilian-von-Montgelas-Gymnasium (secondary school) Vilsbiburg

Construction phase 1.1 of the general refurbishment

Project content: Refurbishment during regular school term time

Duplex hall Building Marlene-Reidel-Grundschule Kumhausen

Duplex hall Building

Project content: Duplex hall Building Marlene-Reidel-Grundschule in Kumhausen