Supply Technology

As the technological complexity and demands for increased energy efficiency in buildings rises, supply technology has dramatically gained in importance over the last years.

Our experienced engineers and technicians can provide economic and energy efficient solutions for even the most complex and challenging construction projects.

Our scope of services:

  • Sewage, water, and gas installations
  • Heat supply facilities
  • Ventilation systems
  • Air conditioning and cooling systems
  • Compressed-air equipment
  • Instrumentation and control equipment
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Combined heat and power plant systems (CHP)
  • Trigeneration technology
  • Local heat generation concepts
  • Economic efficiency analyses
  • Energy-saving concepts

Our outstanding features include:

  • One-stop shop for all planning services in supply technology
  • Reliable deadline and cost control

References from service Supply Technology

Expansion of Fire Station north at the Munich Airport

Expansion of Fire Station

Project content: Expansion of Fire Station

Renovation of power and heat supply systems kbo-Isar-Amper-Klinikum, Taufkirchen (Vils)

Renovation of power and heat supply systems

Project content: Renovation of power and heat supply systems