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Office Building Flottweg SE


Office building
Industriestr. 6 - 8, 84137 Vilsbiburg, Germany

Overview of our operations

Office Building

Overview of our operations

Office Building

Project description

This office complex has been built in a central position on the site and provides a skillful connection at two Levels. The distinctive high tower construction is particularly eye catching. The well-defined 6-storey building stands serene with its clear design, not only pleasing to look at, but also fulfilling its function as an office building. The generous glass surfaces face south-east and thus guarantee the use of solar energy but also hint at its modern lightness and transparency and offers an open and friendly invitation to enter company premises. The use of innovative building technology, together with a highly efficient building envelope, have gone a long way to optimizing the life-cycle costs. The consistent accessibility for the handicapped throughout highlights the future viability of the building.


Delta ImmoTec GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 15
84144 Geisenhausen

For further information please contact us via email at


Flottweg Separation Technology


Start of construction
April 2013
Final completion
October 2014
Ground plan area
2,590 m²
Gross volume
9,788 m³

Delivered Services

Overall Planning
Electrical Engineering
Supply Technology
Construction Project Management
Fire Protection
Heating Systems
Air Conditioning & Cooling Systems

Technical characteristics/Gallery