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Expansion of Fire Station north at the Munich Airport


Expansion of Fire Station
Nordallee 25, 85356 München, Germany

Overview of our operations

Expansion of Fire Station

Overview of our operations

Expansion of Fire Station

Project description

The new two-storey construction has been added directly onto the existing building and has to a large extent been created according to the ethos of sustainability. The height of the building has been adapted to the existing roof height. The stairway blends in with the overall line of the building and highlights the new entrance.  It now forms the vertical connecting element for the whole building. In the new engine room there is enough space for eight fire emergency vehicles including the technical equipment. On the ground floor, in addition to the engine and appliance room, there is also a fitness area, a common room, as well as a carpentry area. On the top floor, there are additional recreation rooms, sanitary facilities, changing rooms and a kitchen with a canteen. On the green planted roof the main technical facilities for ventilation and air conditioning systems have been installed. Appropriate to its intended use, the building has been given a modern and purely technical character.


Delta ImmoTec GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 15
84144 Geisenhausen

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Flughafen München GmbH


Final completion
June 2017
Start of construction
March 2015
Gross volume
8,325 m³
Floor area
1,300 m²

Delivered Services

Overall Planning
Electrical Engineering
Supply Technology
Fire Protection