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Duplex hall Building Marlene-Reidel-Grundschule Kumhausen


Duplex hall Building
Mozartstraße 1, 84036 Kumhausen, Germany

Overview of our operations

Duplex hall Building Marlene-Reidel-Grundschule in Kumhausen

Overview of our operations

Duplex hall Building Marlene-Reidel-Grundschule in Kumhausen

Project description

The municipality of Kumhausen had a double-sized sports hall built for school and club sport. The main body of the building fits well into its surroundings, due to it having been adapted to the existing terrain. The sports hall forms the boundary to the north east of the existing school yard, giving the playground a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. The sports hall itself, together with its adjoining equipment and changing rooms, is sunk into the ground. On the ground floor above there is a viewing gallery, a multi-purpose room, a small kitchen, a control room and toilets. The acoustic wall and ceiling paneling in the hall were installed in compliance with the regulations regarding venues; focus was also placed on consideration of users with special needs. The hall floor was fitted with double rocker supports and high quality linoleum. Reinforced concrete was used throughout the building. The roof support structure is made up of glue laminated timber beams and high grade metal sheet roof covering. Rockpanel exterior cladding was used give the upper part of the façade a touch of color. The building is heated by the adjacent community heating facility in the school. The ventilation system ensures sufficient air circulation in the building (hall and rooms). Photovoltaic panels were installed across the entire roof surface.


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84144 Geisenhausen

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Municipality of Kumhausen


Start of construction
February 2016
Final Completion
July 2017
Gross volume
12,970 m³
Floor area
1,790 m²

Delivered Services

Overall Planning
Fire Protection