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Duplex hall Building Marlene-Reidel-Grundschule Kumhausen

Duplex hall Building

Project: Mozartstraße 1, 84036 Kumhausen

Project content: Duplex hall Building Marlene-Reidel-Grundschule in Kumhausen

Marlene-Reidel Elementary School - Complete Refurbishment

Energy efficiency general refurbishment of an elementary school

Project: Mozartstraße 1, 84036 Kumhausen

Project content: Energy efficiency general refurbishment of an elementary school with lunch-time child supervision area

Expansion of Fire Station north at the Munich Airport

Expansion of Fire Station

Project: Nordallee 25, 85356 München

Project content: Expansion of Fire Station

Expansion and General Refurbishment of the secondary school in Ergolding

Energy efficiency general refurbishment

Project: Etzstraße 2, 84030 Ergolding, Germany

Project content: Expansion and energy efficiency and fire protection refurbishment

New Construction Underground Parking at the District Administration Building in Landshut, Germany

Construction of new underground car park

Project: Landratsamt Landshut, Veldener Str.15, 84036 Landshut, Germany

Project content: Underground car park, 4 levels, 146 spaces, green roof

Köfering Municipality, Germany

Construction of a new day care building in Köfering

Project: Dendorferstraße 2, 93096 Köfering, Germany

Project content: Day care and kindergarten annex