Successful team development week for the new trainees

A week full of challenges and insights.
Team building in full swing.

This year, the traditional get-to-know-you week for the new trainees did not take place in Benediktbeuern as usual, but in the town of Vilsbiburg. The reason for this change was a severe storm that had hit Benediktbeuern and caused considerable damage. Despite the unexpected change, the week turned out to be a successful and enriching experience for the new trainees.


The team development week, which is organized every year, aims at allowing the new trainees the opportunity to get to know each other and to get familiarized with the company. This year, too, the focus was on team-building tasks to promote cooperation and trust within the team. The trainees took part in games of skill, which were not only fun but also strengthened problem-solving and effective communication skills.


Another highlight of the week was an exciting paper chase through the town of Vilsbiburg. This not only allowed the new trainees to discover the town, but also to deepn their knowledge about the company and its history.

In addition to fun activities, training sessions and induction courses were also offered. These covered a variety of topics, including corporate values, workplace safety and professional development opportunities. The new trainees had the opportunity to gain valuable insights and get advice from experienced staff and managers.


Of course, the social aspect was also not neglected. The participants enjoyed meals together and had the opportunity to treat themselves to a break and go for ice cream. Spending time together in a more informal setting also helped to build real relationships and further strengthen the team bond.


Overall, the week of getting to know each other was a great success for the new trainees. With fresh knowledge, strengthened team spirit and many new friendships, the trainees are now ready to go full speed ahead into their professional future in our company.

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