The end of a long and successful career.

Franz Wurm retires from his management position.
A traditional symbol: Mr Wurm hands over a horseshoe as a gift of luck to Mr Vielberger.

Franz Wurm, who has been a leading figure of the company right from the outset and in its expansion to become both a regionally and internationally established medium-sized enterprise, is retiring from his position in the top management and all other related duties at DELTA Gruppe on 30th September 2023.


When officially handing over the management of Delta ImmoTec GmbH, Franz Wurm presented Florian Vielberger with a horseshoe, a symbolic gesture to bring both success and luck. "Being a managing director requires not only skill and knowledge, but also a portion of luck," he explained. "I, too, was presented with this horseshoe at the beginning of my professional career. May it bring you, Florian, as much luck on your new path as I have had." This gesture also symbolizes trust and continuity, showing that the future of the company is in good hands.


After decades of trustful collaboration, Franz Wurm is now leaving the management of  DELTA Gruppe to his two longstanding colleagues and co-directors, Christian Hunger and Michael Maul-Mock, who will continue to lead the company.

Mr Wurm is however not stepping away completely into his well-deserved retirement. He is to continue in an advisory capacity as a technical expert for special projects.


As of 1st October 2023, Florian Vielberger will take over the management of Delta ImmoTec GmbH together with Christian Hunger with all the necessary commitment and respect the position requires.


While this day marks not only the end of a long-standing career, it is also the start of a new chapter in our company and we cannot help but express our appreciation of a man who was not only a leading figure and managing director, but also a mentor and friend.  We would like to take this opportunity of thanking Franz Wurm for his tireless commitment and leadership and of wishing Florian Vielberger every success in shaping the future of Delta ImmoTec GmbH.

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